Our Story

Union Coast Flyers Club of New York was established with the vision of creating a vibrant and supportive community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Our club is committed to providing an exceptional flying experience, promoting aviation education, and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among our members.

Our History:

Our Mission:

Our Vision:

Union Coast Flyers Club was founded in response to the need for an accessible, affordable, and welcoming environment for pilots in the Long Island area to rent aircraft and connect with fellow aviators. Since its inception, the club has continued to grow and evolve, offering an increasingly diverse array of resources and events to support our members in pursuing their passion for flying.

To provide a premier flying club experience for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the New York area, offering access to well-maintained aircraft, comprehensive aviation education resources, and a supportive community that shares a passion for flying.

To become the leading flying club in the New York region, renowned for our commitment to safety, outstanding customer service, and dedication to fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and growth within our aviation community.

Meet the President and CEO: RJ Daniel


Ranjit Daniel (RJ) is the driving force behind Union Coast Flyers Club of New York, bringing over 20 years of airline industry experience to the club's operations. As the President and CEO, he is dedicated to ensuring that the club meets the highest standards of safety and service, while fostering a sense of community among its members.

RJ's extensive experience spans various leadership roles in airport operations, fleet planning, system operations, and more. His most recent accomplishment involved playing a pivotal role in launching a new airline, which grew from a single aircraft to a fleet of 30, transporting over 1 million passengers. RJ's strategic planning, operational expertise, and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in the success of this venture.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Airport Management from Vaughn College in New York, which laid the groundwork for his impressive career in aviation. RJ's passion for the industry never falters, as he continuously seeks opportunities to improve and innovate airline operations, making him an industry expert and invaluable leader.

Outside of work, RJ enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two sons, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to new destinations. He is a firm believer in the importance of work-life balance and is passionate about sharing his love of aviation with his family and the Union Coast Flyers Club community.

To connect with RJ and learn more about his experience and vision for the club, feel free to add him on LinkedIn.